donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Pictures of my work at the 
pop-up exhibition in Hasselt...

zondag 4 augustus 2013

Wezen. 2013. Etching.

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Photos of the EXIT-exhibition
Photos taken by: Jonathan Bessemans

donderdag 4 april 2013

Some of my artwork is hanging in the 'woonlabo' in Hasselt.
It is a demonstration home with examples to live flexibel and adjustable.

maandag 1 april 2013

drawings, collage & printmaking by me
ceramics by Marie-Paul Goormans

donderdag 7 maart 2013

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

One of the new litho's this year

The new crossbonefest-poster for 2013!

zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Some christmas decoration...

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and a happy newyear!
May all your wishes come true in 2013 and
don't forget to chase your dreams...